H Upmann Cigars

The brand is named after its founder Herman Upmann who was a German banker who moved to Havana in 1844 and subsequently opened a bank and started making cigars. The bank closed in 1920 but his cigars are still going strong. It is a brand which has been represented by Hunters & Frankau in the UK since 1850 and indeed they owned both the factory and distribution rights between 1925 and 1937.

H. Upmann Cigars are blended exclusively from filler and binder tobacco’s grown in the Vuelta Abajo zone to produce a light, some would argue medium, Havana. There is another presidential link here with President JF Kennedy buying up as many petit Usman’s as he could find just before he signed the US/Cuban trade embargo.

The wrappers of these cigars tend to be darker in colour than those used in most Cuban brands and in such a light blend this tends to develop the full flavour of the cigar at a much earlier point. H. Upmann cigars come in a wide range of shapes and ring sizes to allow you to choose the right cigar of any occasion.

Buy your H. Upmann cigars from Miss Morans and they will be guaranteed ‘tripa larga, totalmente a mano’ – long filler, totally hand made. Each box carries the English Market Selection (EMS) label used by the UK distributors Hunters & Frankau to mark the quality and authenticity of the finest Havana’s. We never buy cigars from anyone else so you can be assured that you are buying the finest Cuban cigars available in the world.

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