Quinterros Cigars

The Quintero brand, named after its founder Agustin Quintero, was first produced circa 1924. Another of Cuba’s hidden gems the slightly reddish wrapper used in their manufacture and the blend of filler and binders from Veulta Arriba region produces a medium strength cigar of some note. The cigars are made using the ‘totalmente a mano, tripa corta’ or totally handmade, short filler’ technique.

Quintero are only available in a small range of sizes and with a relatively modest price point are a very good value cigar.

Buy your Quintero cigars from Miss Morans and they will be guaranteed ‘tripa corta, totalmente a mano’ – short filler, totally hand made. Each box carries the English Market Selection (EMS) label used by the UK distributors Hunters & Frankau to mark the quality and authenticity of the finest Havana’s. We never buy cigars from anyone else so you can be assured that you are buying the finest Cuban cigars available in the world.

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