Davidoff are famed for the quality and luxury of its premium Dominican cigars but few are aware of how this is achieved. Davidoff oversees production from seed to retailer a process which involves over 650 manual quality checks. It is a measure of their commitment to producing the worlds finest cigars that less than 5% of the seed produced is used to grow the tobacco and less than 5% of the tobacco grown is used to make the cigars. These really are ultra premium cigars.

When you light a Davidoff cigar you set aglow the richest tradition of cigar making and the finest tobacco in the world. You release craftmanship which can only be achieved through relentless pursuit of perfection and an investment in the most precious of commodities time. Every cigar has 5 centuries of the cigar makers art folded into an elegant form. In every way, it is time beautifully filled.

Miss Morans is one of the UKs leading cigar merchant with an extensive range of Davidoff Dominican cigars. From the ubiquitous machine-made mini cigars through to the most exclusive limited-edition cigars you will find a cigar to suit your budget, taste and occasion. As an approved Davidoff Depositaire you can be assured that your cigars will reach you in perfect condition and are ready to be enjoyed.

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