Camacho cigars are now part of the Davidoff group have a long and varied history. Tracing their roots back to Cuba where Simon Camacho liberated a quantity of the exclusive Corojo tobacco seeds during the revolution. Distinct in its ability to stimulate the senses, Corojo is one of the only strains which requires no blending with other tobacco varieties to produce a perfect cigar.

Grown in the Jamastran Valley in Honduras which has a similar micro climate to the famed Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba in produces a unique and flavourful tobacco which forms the core of its blends. These cigars are characterised by their rich flavours and aroma’s.

Marketed under the “live loud” banner these premium hand rolled cigars deliver on every level.

Miss Morans is one of the UKs leading cigar merchants with an extensive range of  Honduran cigars. Your cigars will reach you in perfect condition and will be ready to enjoy.

We regularly run cigar offers which will afford you the chance to try some of the world’s finest Camacho cigars at exceptional prices


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