Since 1865 Plasencia have been mastering the art of growing tobacco and crafting fine cigars. From the rich fields of Cuba to the sun kissed fields of Nicaragua and Honduras, they have tilled the land crating some of the worlds finest tobacco. They are the largest grower of tobacco in the world with more than 6000 employees, 4 factories and 8 plantations in Nicaragua and Honduras.

The family owned company produce over 40 million cigars per year for some of the worlds leading brands. In 2017 the company launched its range of Plascencia cigars using its private stock of aged tobacco. Whilst these cigars are only available in a limited range and limited quantities they are some of the finest in the world.

Masterfully blended and perfectly constructed the cigars offer a rewarding and memorable experience. The Reserva Original is the worlds first and only certified organic hand rolled cigar. The dark oily Reserva 1898 series are sublime. The Alma ranges offer wonderful rich flavours and aromas which are not found anywhere else.

Miss Morans is an approved Plasencia stockist so you can be assured that your cigars will arrived in perfect condition from our instore humidors